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    with David Marsh, Head Coach, SwimMAC Carolina;
    2012 US Olympic Team Assistant Coach; 3x Olympic Coach;
    8x NCAA Coach of the Year, 12 X NCAA Championships at Auburn

    Efficiency, not raw power, is the key to a quality breaststroke. In this presentation, legendary swim coach David Marsh shares effective drills for achieving maximum speed by building the breaststroke around a strong body line. With the assistance of Micah Lawrence, a member of the 2012 United States Olympic team, Coach Marsh demonstrates all aspects of the stroke from the fundamentals to the critical details that can easily be overlooked. Now, you can use Marsh's tips and techniques to develop a powerful, masterful, and efficient breaststroke.

    Breaststroke is one of the most unique swimming strokes. Using drills that Coach Marsh has developed along with drills he has learned from elite U.S. and international coaches and athletes, Marsh breaks down the stroke into individual parts to strengthen the athlete's technique. He incorporates advanced drills to put the stroke back together. These drills focus on all aspects of the stroke, including the streamline, hand cycle and kick.

    Coach Marsh begins by examining the components of an ideal breaststroke kick. Watch as Lawrence demonstrates her world-class breaststroke kick and the drills that build each component of it. Next, Coach Marsh concentrates on the pull, using drills to build strong, fast sculling capability and to address common pull flaws. Lastly, he looks at the full stroke breaststroke, showing swimmers and coaches alike how to connect the kick and pull through the breaststroke line for maximum speed.

    Whether you are a coach or a swimmer, you'll feel like Coach Marsh is personally coaching you as he shares the how and why of each drill, as well as key things to look for as it's being executed. Coach Marsh encourages coaches and swimmers to be creative with equipment available on most pool decks-from kick boards to parking cones-to safely add the resistance that the swimmer needs to build power, heighten water sensitivity, and correct stroke flaws.

    These dryland and pool exercises and drills combine to build the critical element of a fast breaststroke-a long, straight body-line that runs from the tips of the fingers through the crown of the head and down to the toes. The drills in this presentation helped Lawrence become a world-class breaststroker and they will help you improve your breaststroke, too!

    In an Endless Pool bonus session, you will see Coach Marsh dissect the breaststroke of some of his developing swimmers from SwimMAC Carolina. The uniqueness of this session allows you to watch a master technician take the drills and concepts that he used throughout the presentation and effectively evaluate, teach, and correct the strokes of his developing swimmers. The Endless Pool creates a one on one coaching session that is up close and highly effective. This segment is an invaluable lesson on how to teach the breaststroke.

    63 minutes. 2014.

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  • 12/02/15--22:00: Backstroke with Matt Grevers
  • with Matt Grevers,
    Olympic and World Champion, Six-time Olympic Medalist, Four-time NCAA National Champion, 27-time NCAA All American

    In Swim Like a Champion - Backstroke, you'll get a rare look 'inside the mind' of the world's best backstroker: Matt Grevers. Grevers says every single stroke he takes in practice and in races is executed with purpose and thought. In this video, he will teach you to swim with efficiency and explosive speed by learning good habits and knowing what to think about as you swim.

    You will see how his core, hips and arms work together in rhythm, to make backstroke look effortless. He has developed ways to cut hundredths of a second from the various components of his race and is ready to share his secrets with you in this unique DVD.

    As an engaging clinician, Grevers is well versed at dissecting the seven components for swimming flawless backstroke. For this video, he has compiled his favorite drills and breaks down in detail how he generates power and speed. Learn to leverage the connection between your hips, arms and "fully engaged core". Watch and learn about his incredibly powerful start, thundering breakouts, and turns. This DVD will show you Grevers' "lunge" finish and all his other secrets.

    Never before has a video been produced that captures the intangibles of swimming backstroke in a more explicit way. The insight, explanations, demonstrations and candid personal observations of Olympic Champion Matt Grevers in conjunction with the use of many simultaneous cameras give an unrivaled, dynamic perspective of what every movement and every stroke should look and feel like.

    If you are serious about being a winning swimmer, this DVD will become one of your most valuable tools. You will watch it over and over again because it contains everything you need to improve your stroke! When something didn't 'feel right' in practice, Matt will have the answer in Swim Like a Champion - Backstroke.

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    with David Marsh, Head Coach, SwimMAC Carolina;
    2012 US Olympic Team Assistant Coach; 3x Olympic Coach;
    8x NCAA Coach of the Year, 12 X NCAA Championships at Auburn

    Twelve-time NCAA National Championship coach David Marsh shows you how to establish a straight, tight entry line to maximize carrying speed from the start into the water. He covers traditional start drills as well as creative and innovative drills he has developed while working with his world-class swimmers maximize their starts.

    Forward Starts
    Beginning with forward starts, Coach Marsh addresses safety considerations, pre-race routines, and proper set-up on the blocks. His forward start progression trains swimmers to execute safe starts with the correct body line to carry the power of the start into their race. He discusses the differences in forward starts for freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly, and covers relay exchanges from approach to finish, demonstrating exchanges for freestyle and medley relays. Coach Marsh also addresses common forward start errors and shares drills that can help swimmers correct these errors.

    Backstroke Starts
    In backstroke starts, Olympic medalist and world record holder Nick Thoman describes his newer style powerful backstroke start. He begins with a straighter back and places his feet higher than in the past. He focuses on getting as much distance as he can and enters the water on his ideal backstroke line instead of the more traditional high amplitude start. Coach Marsh addresses adjustments that must be made for different starting conditions. He discusses transitions and demonstrates a staggered stroke breakout technique that can get you up and into your race with power.

    This season, carry the power of your start into your race and take full advantage of your speed off the block.

    48 minutes. 2014.

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    with David Marsh, Head Coach, SwimMAC Carolina;
    2012 US Olympic Team Assistant Coach; 3x Olympic Coach;
    8x NCAA Coach of the Year, 12 X NCAA Championships at Auburn

    A great turn helps you take your momentum into the wall and carry speed and power off of it. Three-time Olympic coach David Marsh demonstrates the skills and drills he uses to help swimmers of all levels maximize their turns. Using on-deck analysis and footage above and below the water, he breaks down the components of fast, efficient turns and transitions, and then puts them back together.

    Long Axis Turns
    Coach Marsh starts with a drill progression for teaching the tight, fast spin needed for effective turns. He provides long-axis, turn progression drills for freestyle and backstroke. The progression starts with the approach, progresses through the turn and into the breakout. This progressions builds low, narrow, tight turns that take advantage of the swimmer's speed into the wall. It also enables the swimmer to use their core body strength to get off the wall and into the ideal body line as quickly as possible and with minimal energy.

    Short Axis Turns
    Peter Verheof, a former world-class butterflyer and recent U.S. Olympic assistant coach, joins Coach Marsh as they show how to build short-axis (butterfly and breaststroke) turns. They teach the turn from the three-stroke approach all the way through the breakout. As in the free and back turns, the result is a tight, fast turn that uses core body strength and a quick return to the ideal body line for the fastest, most efficient turn possible.

    IM Turns
    Finally, Coach Marsh covers IM turns, emphasizing the backstroke to breaststroke transition. He describes the balance of safety and speed he looks for from swimmers of different experience levels. He describes how elite swimmers use the challenging back-to-breast crossover turn, breaking it down with drills and a variety of camera angles. He also addresses how coaches can help younger swimmers build toward that turn.

    Order now and start using the skills and drills from this presentation to turn walls into a competitive advantage.

    37 minutes. 2014.

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    with Coley Stickels, 14x NCAA All American with University of Arizona;
    has coached National Age Group record holders and Olympic Trials finalists

    Mega Drills for Dryland Training features a refreshing mix of new, unique exercises and traditional exercises that include challenging spins. Coley Stickels teaches and demonstrates exercises with compound movements, many of which are swimming specific and all have a positive carry-over toward developing swimming athleticism.

    This program is easy to implement and requires minimal equipment including: pull up bar, TRX or Jungle Gym straps, stretch cords, jumping box and med balls.

    With an emphasis on developing core stability and increasing swimming strength, Mega Drills for Dryland Training takes a unique approach to increasing athleticism for the advanced swimmer.

    Warm Up - Stickels demonstrates eight dynamic, multi-faceted exercises for his warm up series. These exercises feature low repetitions and are mostly swimming-specific. They include push-ups, somersaults, squats and core development exercises.

    Dynamic Push-up Series - Learn 10 different advanced push-up exercises/routines. The emphasis here is on core stabilization, quick and light hands and explosiveness; all essential to developing highly athletic swimmers.

    Pull-up Series - Learn 16 challenging exercises that incorporate pull-ups. This series provides a plyometric focus on the lats, forearms and core strength, and affords muscle group variation.

    TRX-Jungle Gym Strap Series - Stickels presents 17 multi-dimensional exercises that develop incredible core strength and stabilization, balance, endurance, explosiveness and involve multiple muscle groups working together. The instability of the hanging straps forces the athlete to use a wide range of muscle groups for stabilization.

    Cord Series - This series delivers eight unique exercises that offer a wide range of resistive challenges. Stickels combines movements in multiple drills to force core engagement. These drills train the extremities, while simultaneously building core strength and balance through stabilization.

    Plyometric and Agility Series - In this segment, Stickels shares three complex exercises (two plyo and one agility) that show how to group short reps of several different exercises into one to train explosiveness and agility. Through this, Stickels demonstrates how creativity can create incredibly effective combinations for training explosiveness.

    Stickels' Mega Drills for Dryland Training program exudes imaginative creativity and variety that engages and challenges athletes to improve their core strength, explosiveness, and agility. Coaches or trainers looking to infuse freshness and swimming-specific athleticism into their dryland program will greatly benefit this instruction.

    61 minutes. 2013.

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